Our Rules are Simple and Basic!
  • Absolutely no sites that are or include ANY content or reference to UNDERAGE or images that even represent it, TEEN (non legal), LOLITA, BEASTILITY, or of course CHILDREN.
  • All banners must be served from your site.
  • Hits may only come in from the listed site itself.
  • Textlinks and banners may not be placed with the intention to confuse or mislead the surfer.
  • Pictures on each ShowMe site must be on topic.
  • No Text allowed on the images and NO ANIMATED gif's!.
  • The Image and the description of your site you use must represent what's actually on your free tour.
  • NO AVS sites and NO free hosted sites. NO CIRCLE JERK AFFLIATE SITES.
  • You can not have more than two pop up pages on your site at any one time.
  • You are not allowed to pop up a showme site in a window, and while the surfer is still there replace that window with another site. i.e. if you pop open showmefacials, then later replace it with showmecreampies.
  • NO HARDCORE BANNERS (Softcore Only) - Full frontal nudity, butts, boobs, and of course face shots are OK. Any form of sexual contact including spread eagle shots, penetration, and cumshots are not.
  • If you sign to SHOWMEBLOGS you must link to a site that has an active blog.
  • There must be a link back to any showme site you sign too.
  • If you sign to any showme site you must send us our user name and password prior to us approving you account..
  • We reserve the right to refuse any site based soley on our descrection.
  • We strive to always send good quality traffic, we expect you to do the same.
  • Any questions should be sent to KYLE@SWINGERMONEY.COM

Pretty simple, so lets get you all signed up for as many sites that fit your website!.

Your ShowMeShowMe.com Team